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About the Puppets

For Family Nights/Shows for all Ages, Penny and the Puppettes perform a combination of older and younger songs that entertain everyone!



    •    Hello and Goodbye Song:  Penny the Dog Puppet welcomes the children with a super interactive song that includes tons of movement and clapping

    •    Acceptance of Others Who Are Different:  Angelique is at first too shy to come out because of her purple nose.  Rather than laughing at her, the children embrace her uniqueness

    •    Dealing with Emotions:  Lou the Friendly Monster teaches a simple song about feelings- “That’s OK to Feel Those  Ways"

    •    Colors:  Squiggy the Pop-Out-Of-The-Box Puppet inspires the kids to name the colors during the parade of puppets 

    •    Counting Skills:  Clyde the Clock Puppet needs the kids’ help to unscramble his numbers

    •    Face:  The kids help us put Ms. Face Puppets’ face parts where they belong through a rhyming song

    •    It's OK to Make Mistakes:  The children learn a simple song with hand movements while Daisy the Flower Puppet grows back all of her dazzling petals

    •    And more!



    •    Listening skills:  Wiseguy Ricky the Pirate Puppet jumbles his nursery rhymes (corrected by the kids)

    •    Healthy Eating:  Exhausted Fudge Gorging Chi Chi discovers the natural energy of fruit and veggies thanks to eager reminders of the audience

    •    Loving our Earth/Manners:  Cranky Trash-Covered Tony the Tree transforms into charming fruit tree through the magic word “please"

    •    Fun Science Facts:  Around the World Segment starting from the Everglades all the way to the North Pole-  includes 19 colorful and exciting puppets (alligator, shark, polar bear...)



    •    Little Miss Obnoxia Toxia the loud puppet

    •    Snobby Ms. Tallula Dallula the B-List Movie Star

    •    Stevie the Pretending-To-Be-Sick Puppet until he hears there's birthday cake

    •    Trouble-Maker Frankie doing only opposites and playing pranks on Jane!