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Penny and the Puppettes offers a live, interactive, musical with puppets and comedy for your party or event! Read our blog.

Mercer County Festival 2019

Merissa Morin

Once again we had an absolute blast performing at the Mercer County Festival in West Windsor, NJ (One of the largest festivals in the country!) The parents who bring their kids to our shows are truly wonderful and the kids are just magic. We enjoyed taking photos with longtime audience members:

~Alex and Bella’s 8th year participating in our shows

~Diego and Sebastian surprised Merissa who had performed for Diego’s first birthday party

~Mikayla and Charlee, granddaughters of John Scarpati, joining in on many of the performances

~Madison came to every show!

~Merissa snapped a photo with longtime fair coordinator Carl!

~Merissa’s son Asher and husband Cary made their audience debut. And Asher got to meet Penny the Puppet for the first time!

Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia!

Merissa Morin

What a blast we had performing at the 2017 Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia! Such a wonderful group of people we had the fortune of working with and an amazing crowd of costumed kids and parents we had the privilege of performing for. We also got a chance to meet some grown up costumed characters, some of them working and some just dressed up for fun!

A look back at the Mercer County Festival of 2016

Merissa Morin

The Mercer County Festival is always one filled with joy and laughter as kids of all ages gather to watch our shows. We captured a few photos of some groups of kids who made our performances that much more special by being a part of our audience participation through singing, dancing, and kindness towards our puppet friends. Another wonderful experience!

Jane performs at Yorktown Grange Fair Show!

Merissa Morin

Jane and her clan of puppets had a ball performing for the kids at the Yorktown Fair. The kids loved getting the chance to meet the puppets up close!

Mercer County Festival Performances

Merissa Morin

What an absolute blast to be able to perform once again for the children and parents of New Jersey at this incredible annual festival! I had such special groups of kids participate with me, singing and dancing through 9 performances over the course of the weekend. Here are a few of the groups I got the chance to take a photo with! Thank you for hanging out with me! Until next year!

Some of the first promo shots!

Merissa Morin

Jane used to dress up as "Granny", her great-great-great-great grandmother who would suddenly take over her live show and rile the kids up with her song and dance.  Merissa and Chloe appear in these photos along with some of their friends.  Chloe might have been coerced into this photoshoot (as is evident per her expressions).

Bob Munstedt

Merissa Morin

Here's a photo from 1993 of the first children's entertainer in our family, Bob Munstedt.  He loved playing that accordion (shown in his backyard in Needham, Massachusetts).

filename-1 (1).jpg

Roosevelt Island's Fall For Arts Festival 2014!

Merissa Morin

What a blast once again at the Fall for Arts Festival on Roosevelt Island!  Despite the sun shower earlier in the day, that didn't stop Roosevelt Islanders from coming out and joining in on the celebration. We had a wonderful group of kids and parents at our performance.  Thanks so much for the fun time!

First post!

Merissa Morin

Welcome to our new website!  We are so happy to have you here, and can't wait to keep you updated on all of the ventures our company has been diving into over the past year.  We also want to use this blog to share with you the history of our family and how we got to the wacky world of living and working together in our family brownstone in Brooklyn, NY.

Stay tuned!!