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Penny and the Puppettes offer live, interactive, 30-50 minute musicals with puppets and comedy for your event or party!  View our FAQ's.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I have a very small space.  How much room do you need?  We are able adapt to almost any size room and squeeze into any size space.  That being said, our ideal dimensions for each show are:  1 PERSON/2 PERSON PUPPET SHOW- 7’ x 7’, CIRCLE OF FUN SHOW- 5’ x 5’, SMALLER CIRCLE SHOW- 5’ x 5’


  • I have a large event with a lot of kids. Will your show work in that setting? Absolutely! We definitely recommend our 2 Person Puppet Show with large events, and still love for the kids to sit as close as possible so they can feel like they are a part of the show.


  • What is the maximum amount of kids you will perform for? Since our show is so theatrical, we can easily perform in a theater space with upwards of 200 children. In regards to classrooms or other settings, whenever possible we recommend breaking up the large group into smaller groups and us performing more than one show so that the kids have the best opportunity to enjoy the performance from a closer perspective. When we are hired for more than one show, we are happy to offer a discount.


  • What form of payment is acceptable?  We take checks, cash, Venmo, or Zelle.  A check, Venmo, or Zelle payment is required for the deposit.  The remainder of the balance is paid the day of the show.


  • With the kids being so young, I don’t think they will be able to sit for very long.  The beauty of our show is that it is not one long continuous story but rather a variety of short vignettes.  Each song has a different puppet (some songs have up to 5 puppets!), and a different topic/theme.  We include some children’s favorites (Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, etc) and play those songs live on the guitar, keyboard, or ukulele.  During those songs, the children love shaking maracas, and later on holding an animal hand puppet.  We get them up on their feet several times for some age-appropriate movement/dancing.  Parents often help the very young bop and move around.  It’s no problem to shorten the show, but it’s rare that we find we need to.


  • Can you shorten the show?  We have no problem shortening the show if you’d like.  If you’re concerned about the kids’ focus, we find parents are constantly impressed and thrilled to see their kids stay engaged the entire performance.


  • Can you incorporate the theme of my event into your puppet show?  Sure!  Some of our favorites have been Farm, Cowgirl/Cowboy, Safari, Animal, Puppies, Around the World, Pajama Party, Under the Sea, Princess, and Pirate.  We dress up in costumes for several of the themes (check out our outfits in our Old MacDonald video!)


  • Where are you based out of and how far will you travel?  We are based in Brooklyn, NY.  We will travel up to 100 miles (fees may be applicable).


  • Are there any additional fees to your price?  Nope!  The quote we give you is the total price.


  • How much time do you need to set up?  It depends on the show you choose.  The 1 Person and 2 Person Shows take 45-60 minutes to set up.  The Circle Show takes 15-20 minutes.  The Smaller Circle Show takes 10-15 minutes.


  • How far in advance should I book your show? While we always try to make every booking possible, we do recommend booking 4-6 weeks in advance if you have a specific date and time in mind. If you are more flexible with your date and time, you can wait a little longer to book.


  • Do you have a location where you perform regularly?  Right now we are only a portable theater company and bring our show to wherever the event/party is happening.  Please check back to see whenever we have public shows scheduled.


  • Do you have insurance? We do. We are insured with Specialty Insurance Agency, and can always get a copy emailed to whomever is requesting proof.


  • Do I need to provide you with anything for the show? For most of our performances, we need a source of electricity. However, we are able to accommodate a park setting with a portable speaker for certain show options.


  • What type of area do you need for your performance space? We need a flat surface for both our set area and for the area where the kids will be sitting (directly in front of us). We also request that whenever possible we are able to set up in front of a wall or non-pedestrian area for the purpose of keeping everything behind our puppet theater a surprise for the kids!


  • My child scares easily, and doesn’t react well to big characters or big crowds.  Do you ever have scared kids in your audience?  We are very sensitive to each child’s reaction, and are always aware of that possibility.  For younger groups we only use sweet, lovable puppets and even then are aware if any child is resistant to hugging or touching them (For groups under 25, the kids get to touch/hug some of the puppets if they want).  


  • How close do the kids sit in front of your show? It all depends on the size of your event, but we always like the kids to sit up to us as close as possible since the show is so interactive. We also find it's easier when they can all sit on the floor/ground, since chairs take up so much space and some of the kids end up further away as a result.