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About Us

Welcome!  Penny and the Puppettes® is a Brooklyn-based theater troupe that performs live, interactive, musical-comedy puppet shows designed for kids ages 1-10 years. 

ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY (stacked on top of each other):

[Helen (left), the youngest of our clan, leads her friends in puppeteering on our stoop in Brooklyn]

[Helen (left), the youngest of our clan, leads her friends in puppeteering on our stoop in Brooklyn]

About the Puppettes

Hello!   We are so thrilled to be able to entertain you and your families.  

We pinch ourselves sometimes-  We get paid for this?! :-)

Every experience is an adventure for us.  It seems that the people who find us and our company are the most special people out there whose primary goal is to make their kids happy and fulfilled.  

And that makes us happy and fulfilled, too.   


Here on this site we provide:

-Options and detailed information on the interactive musical puppet shows that we bring to any given event (festivals, schools, birthday parties, etc.)

-Updates on our public performances (some of them are free!)

-Various footage from past performances

-Our super fun music videos and photos!


Our Stage at Comic Con in Philadelphia

image2 (1).jpeg

The joy that I witnessed you bring to the little slice of heaven I'm lucky enough to check into everyday at Books of Wonder, that atmosphere you created, it defines the good times that you want to stay with you forever...As I said on that day, there was never more energy and happiness on the amazing kids' faces as there were while you were orchestrating them...Those most positive and genuine emotions truly make this world a better place as well as the lives that are lucky enough to have you shared with them...

~Joel Grayson, Books of Wonder Associate, Manhattan


Performance at Barnes and Noble in TriBeCa

performance at barnes and noble

Over the past several years, Penny and the Puppettes has performed at the Mercer County Italian American Festival (MCIAFA), held in West Windsor, New Jersey over the past 14 years. The Festival is considered to be the 5th largest festival in the United States attracting approximately 100,000 visitors over a three day weekend...Penny and the Puppettes are like family to the MCIAFA, extremely talented and caring for the children that they entertain...  

~Carl Carabelli and Ann Lennon, Entertainer Committee Co-Chairs.


Performance at Kids Food Festival in Bryant Park

performance at Kids Food Festival in Bryant Park

Penny and the Puppettes are a kid favorite! They performed at a party at Citibabes recently and blew the parents and children away- the birthday girl couldn't stop talking about Penny and her friends for days!

~Anne Lischwe, Birthday/Events Coordinator at CITIBABES, Manhattan

Penny and the Puppettes are committed to being a green company, and caring for this earth and everyone on it in the way they hope generations to come will.  Recycled products were used in the making of puppets, business cards, postcards, the puppet theater, and more.